Ryan Farrell (updated)

In the summer of 1991, Ryan Farrell is Hrothgar’s best friend. At 14, he’s a year older than Gar, and a big fan of both soccer and lacrosse. He’s tried, unsuccessfully, to get Gar to try out for the teams. Ryan is popular, and has a tight-knit group of friends. He thinks of it as his duty to keep Gar from becoming stuffy and reclusive. He’s also always had Hrothgar’s back, since Kindergarten, and frequently has gotten in the way of bullies. In contrast, Ryan rarely lets his guard completely down with his friends—but when he does, its usually with Gar. Ryan lives with his mother after his parent’s divorced and his father moved to San Keros. He has biweekly visitations, which Ryan dreads.  Ryan’s anger issues came to the fore during the wake of the breakup, and it was Hrothgar Jones who recommended he seek out some help working through his emotions.  Ryan’s a big fan of physical activity because he can lose himself in it, and he’s always enjoyed running and challenging himself. He burnt his shoulders last summer into an arc of freckles.

Ryan recently tracked down Hrothgar in Finn’s Wood in order to determine why his best friend had been consistently backing out of their shared plans. It did not go well. The conflict was witnessed by Beth Kendall, unbeknownst to both boys.


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