Jim Hogan

Jim’s blonde, spiked hair and blue eyes—on a perfect 6’ V-frame—makes him stand out in a crowd of his peers pretty easily.  As such, he’s pretty popular at school, but he knows that once he graduates he’ll just be another lowly freshman at school.  Smarter than many give him credit for, he hopes to get an academic scholarship to university rather than going out for a sports one.  He wants to prove to himself he is more than the dumb jock his older brother (the lawyer, thank you very much) called him growing up.  He’s always done pretty well with the ladies.  He wants a relationship with equals, rather than another hanger-on.

     An alpha type herself, He’s friends with Lara Walker in a very “bro” way.  They each trust each other to be each other’s wingman, and that makes Jim’s relationship with Kevin Dylan tricky.  He and Kevin have been friends since before middle school, however, and he takes his friendships very seriously.  Concerned Kevin wasn’t really making the most of his opportunities, Jim made Kevin work through almost every sports team tryout Nabiscoding High had to offer before Kevin found his love of wrestling.  More a football guy, Jim didn’t join the team with his bud but still manages to make it to most of his meets–to give him a hard time, if nothing else.

     Jim’s followed in his father’s footsteps and has a tendency to hit on girls that are out of his league.  It’s not surprising, because Jim’s dad Carl lucked out when his mother–still a knockout–decided to humor his persistence.  Jim’s mom works with Max Colfort at Langston Memorial.  Jim often joins Lara in making Evan Morgan’s life as miserable as possible.  


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