Dmitri Barkas


          There’s no way around it–Dmitri Barkas is gorgeous.  The 22 year-old Greco-Russian American is also completely uninterested in that fact.  That odd dichotomy is why so many people around him are absolutely riveted to his every move.  His head is enshrouded with a heavily wavy auburn hair, almost always looking ever so slightly disheveled. When the light hits it right it can look like a dark burnt orange—an odd trait he got from his mother.  He has brown eyes, and small lips that he purses when he’s lost in thought.  He’s wiry, rather that built or pudgy.  

          He’s traveled extensively with his mother, and speaks Russian and Italian fluently.  His father was a Russian colleague sharing similar research interests with his mother, and Dmitri spent several years there with his father’s family (hence his accent).  Though the relationship between his parents didn’t work out, both remain relatively cordial.   His mother raised him on her own, though she has relied on others to help with his socialization for much of his life.  Mother is a highly controversial author and professor at the university, specializing in world literature.  He tends to dress as the sort of stereotypical Euro-Douche: Designer jeans, vintage sports coat, some trendy or vintage t-shirt.  When he works for Jessye, he wears a button-down shirt, but usually of some ridiculous day-glo color–even in the kitchen.

          Dmitri is friends with Darren Wells and Colin Murphy, though such close relationships can be challenging for him.  The three of them met early in their collegiate careers and Darren has spent every moment since trying to get the other two to loosen up.  He and Mason Ceiba also know each other, although his mother has made it clear she disapproves of Mason and the company he keeps.  Nervous about change, Gedrik didn’t initially take to him, though both now share an unspoken comradery.

          In his junior year at the Culinary Institute at San Keros University, Dmitri knows how lucky he is to be the only chef in his class to have landed ground floor in what is quickly becoming one of the hottest neighborhoods in the city.   He has already begun amassing a small rapid fan base amongst Jessye’s clients, several of whom now come for his masterpieces exclusively, whether his choice of the day is lowbrow or high.  He tends to mutter to himself in Russian and French as he cooks, as he’s trying to master the latter language in hopes of winning a scholarship to study in that fair nation.  His obsession for detail is based in his ambition to constantly test and surpass his own preconceived limits.  It also tends to drive Courtney absolutely insane.  His private life is just that, private.


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