The people who live in San Keros and its suburbs are no more special than the rest of us.  They suffer from the loneliness we strive to cure, the pains we work to hide, and the dreams we ache to achieve.  They succeed as we do, and fail equally as well.  They arrive with the same hopeful tension that the big city will give them the room to themselves grow bigger.  San Keros is, however, not your town; not your city.  Not quite.  Things move in the shadows here.  Dreams are a bit more vivid upon waking.  Recent History and forgotten tradition take strolls through the narrow streets, and secrets and mysteries cast aspersions on the stoops of dive bars as you walk by.

Life in San Keros is technicolor, and sooner or later those who dwell within its boundaries find that they have become so as well.

What will the City make of you?