San Keros has all the optimism of a small college town enmeshed with all the frenetic activity you’d think in a city of its size.  The city isn’t haunted–at least, not in the traditional sense.  San Keros dreams of its own future, and sometimes those dreams follow it back to the waking world.  It has a deep memory, sharing its own with that of all its myriad denizens.  Those who would work and live within the city limits come away infused with a passionate intensity that can be infectious.

San Keros has its dark corners, too–but nobody dwells on them too much.  The shadows that move a tad slower across the floor, the whispers as you’re about to sleep.  They’re a small price to pay for the opportunities the city provides.  Even a brief visit may find the tourist looking upon the world with new eyes.

So take your time here. Explore the streets and shops.  Greet your neighbours and take a chance on friendship.  On love.  You’ll feel the difference.  There is a weight to things in San Keros that doesn’t translate well to those who’ve yet have the experience.

They call us the Big City with Small Town Charm.

We call it magic.