Jessye Corman

          Jessye has dirty blonde hair, often pulled back in a short, spiky ponytail.  She tends to wear leather, suede, and denim shirts and jackets over her Paul Frank and Diesel unisex T-shirts.  Dressed in cargoes or low-cut jeans, Jessye really doesn’t look that different from most of the collegiate crowd that frequents her pub.  She has three piercings in her left ear, two in the traditional lower portion of the earlobe and one high in the upper cartilage.  The earrings change on her mood and the color scheme of the day, but she is never without the carnelian pendant in the crude shape of a dog she wears on a choker around her neck.

          The owner and bartender of the Scarlet Letter, Jessye is well known to many in her community.  Normally a friendly and welcoming sort, she is ferocious when faced with those who would harm the people she considers hers.  The renaissance of the neighborhood began with Jessye’s vision of the pub, and the sort of environment she wanted for it.  As such, people who dwell here tend to be protective of her, and stop by frequently just to chat or make sure she’s getting on well.  Easily one of the most popular people in this area of the city, Jessye is thrilled when local regulars and the slumming rich alike mingle in her establishment.  It makes it all worthwhile, she’ll tell you, to see the walls come down.

          Jessye is pretty much a “what you see is what you get” sort of gal.  She likes her gender-neutral trendy clothes, and she’s in love with what she does for a living.  The rest of her life is an open book that she loves to chat about if you ask, but she does have a few matters she tends to keep tight-lipped about. Knowing enough folklore to recognize a good thing when she sees it, she wisely says nothing when confronted with rumors about how the Scarlet Letter seems to right itself overnight.  She merely smiles and politely changes the topic.

          Late at night, when the Letter is finally dark, Jessye is quite different.  The truth is, once her feet cross the threshold into her apartment upstairs it is mere minutes until she’s shucked her clothes in favor of a long t-shirt and fallen into bed. No victim of exhaustion, Jessye simply craves sleep and the release it brings.  For Jessye lives another life in her dreams, one that even by comparison to the blessed one she lives every day is quite extraordinary.


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