Beth Kendall (Updated)

In the summer of 1991, Beth Kendall is 15, with honey brown hair and blue eyes. Somewhere between a loner and one of the popular set, Beth is well-known but doesn’t have a wide circle of actual friends. An aspiring artist, she’s taken to exploring Finn’s Wood in search of nature scenes to sketch. A lover of flowers and horses, she’s one half romantic and one half tomboy. Beth struggles with drawing the details of people, but finds the natural world easier to draw. Beth has a younger brother, Josh, who she loves as much as he drives her crazy. Her artistic endeavors are supported by her aunt, Carol Stephenson, much to her father’s dismay. You can usually find Beth with Elena Gilbert, her best friend, who lives nearby. Beth’s birthday is in May.
Beth recently went much further into Finn’s Wood than she’d ever ventured before, encountering a swamp and a tree covered in blue-winged butterflies. Afterwords, she stumbled across a meadow that looked promising as a new, isolated place to sketch. Except for Hrothgar Jones and Ryan Farrell, who were having a fairly heated argument. Beth was spotted in the tree line by Gar after Ryan’s hasty departure.


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