Elena Gilbert (Updated)

          Elena Gilbert wishes her braces weren’t her most striking feature, but with a smile as big as her is, there was little choice.  She resigns herself to the dazzling perfect teeth she’ll have when she can finally take them off.  Meanwhile, she battles the frizz that is her caramel colored hair and the cello, geometry and her grandmother’s penchant for cooking elaborate meals.  She’s resigned herself to a ho-hum high school existence, but is convinced the world will stand in awe when she emerges from it transformed.

          In the summer of 1991, Elena Gilbert was Beth Kendall’s best friend.  Living in the same housing development as Elena, Beth frequently hid out with her when her brother Josh gets too much to handle.  Elena could empathize, as she struggled with her brother, too.  Her father works in city hall, which lets Elena’s mother spend her days redecorating, often changing entire rooms on a whim.  Jason, her younger brother, is only four and spends his days being alternately adorable and horrific.

          Hrothgar Jones spots Elena and Beth Kendall at the carnival in the summer of 1991, trading giant fluffs of cotton candy.  Elena didn’t take Beth’s graduation super well, but made a surprising friend in Kevin Dylan–whom she later met in her English class.   Elena is also friends with Claire Tupper and Seth Reynolds.  She worries about Beth, whom she doesn’t hear from as often as she’d hoped.


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