Rebecca Kendall

In the summer of 1991, Rebecca Kendall is in her mid-40s. She’s the mother of Beth and Josh, and the wife of Joseph. Rebecca’s worked as Elementary receptionist full time since before Beth was born. Recently, however, she’s decided to go back to school part-time for a business degree in hopes of a better job within the school district.
Rebecca tends to stand back and let Joe have his way with the kids, fearful of the anger that lurks beneath the surface. Overall, she works as hard in the community and amongst her friends as she does on the job. She manages the local Welcome Wagon, spends time at several charities, and always has a sympathetic ear for her small circle of dear friends. Much like her daughter, however, she will only take so much. Rebecca is often exasperated by Josh and Beth’s bickering and she share’s her husband’s feeling like that they can’t get ahead despite trying—but she doesn’t let it ultimately get her down. She’s an overworked optimist.


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