Hrothgar Jones (updated)

In the summer of 1991, Hrothgar Jones is 13, with brown slightly wavey hair that droops into a swoop touching is right eye—which happens to be blue, like his left one. At first glance he comes off as a little mousey, and the glasses he was forced to wear at a young age didn’t help this image. A child of two college professors who work at nearby San Keros University. “Gar” to his friends, largely due to his best friend’s attempt to rename him and stop the teasing that started early. As a result, he has a tendency to keep most of the people around him at arm’s length. Ryan Farrell and Seth Reynolds are his two closest friends, though he hasn’t seen much of them lately.

A tall, lanky fellow, Hrothgar dresses in t-shirts and sport coats, jeans and cargo shorts. He has a penchant for fantasy fiction and electronic music. He was very close to his Grandmother Rae Hutchison, and when she passed he received amongst other things a Spanish parrot statue, a Grecian print chair, a set of ancestral flower journals, and a certain pair of red-rimmed glasses.
Hrothgar has spent the summer visiting Finn’s Wood and exploring using the flower journals he inherited from his grandmother.  Having fought with Ryan over his need to explore the wooded preserve, he then encountered Beth Kendall searching for a safe place to draw.

Having withdrawn over the course of the summer from the majority of his friends and family, Gar spends his day in Finn’s Wood, exploring and interacting alongside Kaithias, a strange, furry blue creature that resembles a bit of a faun and a bit of a satyr but is neither.  The two seem to be able to share thoughts, dreams, and feelings.  While researching the creature at the library, Gar has an altercation with Seth–who pleads with him to please come back into the fold.  Later that night, his mother informs him that she and Ryan’s mother have decided the two boys and their friends will be attending the summer Carnival at the school.


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