Rae Hutchison

Hrothgar’s Grandmother, and mother of Paige. She inherited Harper’s Flowers from her mother, Niamh or “Nim”, which she had opened in Nabiscoding when she first came from Scotland. Their name was changed at Ellis Island. Quick to laugh and deliberately cheesy, she had a relentless thirst for knowledge and a curiousity about the world she instilled in her grandchild. She took classes right up until her death on a variety of subjects, and an extensive library that dwindled daily as she kept giving books away to those she thought would appreciate them. Her favorite pastime was to read in her recliner with a cup of tea.  Her favorite colors were red, orange and yellow, and she had a particular fondness for Handflower, Hawkweed, and Crimson Polyanthus in her floral designs.


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