Max Colfort

          Max Colfort stands about 6-foot tall, and weighs a lean 180.  His farmer’s tan and solid build is due to his work on his family farm growing up and his running habit—something he picked up since moving to the City.  A loner, Max is estranged from family and with few friends due to his recent arrival in San Keros. Max currently works at Langston Memorial Hospital as a nurse in the cancer ward.  He comes from a poor background.  These days he wears fine-wire rimmed glasses that don’t hide his teal eyes, and has a shaved head. He tends to wear scrubs or sweats when not on call.    

          Max is never without his Ipod, his most prized possession.  Possessed of no real musical gifts, his true musical talent is in his ability to immerse himself into music so utterly as to no longer be aware of his surroundings.  Some days, when a playlist finishes, he’ll stop running and have no idea where he is. 

          Max has a dog, an affectionate timber wolf/lab mix by the name of Sam, who has peculiar cobalt eyes and an instinctive dislike for those who hide behind facades. He and Sam run with the dawn every morning he’s not on-call. 


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