Addison James

Addison James, or “Addy” for short, is the best friend of Colin Murphy.  They met when Colin had only just arrived in London and had been assigned to bunk with Addy’s boyfriend, Patrick.  Colin initially mistook her for Indian, but Addy is actually third generation Nigerian.  She wears her hair up, suspended by an ever-changing array of scarves and bows.  Her laugh, which Colin often refers to as her “cackle,” is quite the opposite–warm and ever so slightly naughty.  Actually, that’s pretty much Addy in a nutshell.

Addy immediately took Colin on as her pet project, taking him out of his libraries and into the streets, pubs, and clubs that were like oxygen to her. She was determined to make him “a person, not some stale pile of facts.”  He carefree attitude has much to do with Colin’s recent changes.  Witty to a fault, Addison isn’t above using guile to get what she wants, but she’s much more obvious than she thinks she is.


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