Dr. Ethan Hendricks

          For all the amount of drama that tends to follow him, Professor Ethan Hendricks is almost a perfect caricature of the classic New England college professor.  He taught briefly at Catholic University after his graduate work, but then met his wife and they both moved north to San Keros and its university.  While his wife found a comfortable position in the Music Department, Ethan has a seat in both the Classics and English departments of the university.  He co-teaches an art history class with Dr. Salik every other year.  Ethan is well known in scholarly circles for his work in ancient poetic diction.  His specialty is, of course, Gilgamesh–which he often tries to recite as he imagines it ought to be just about everywhere.  Even, to the cringing of Colin and Alexandra, the open mic nights at the coffee shops in the Warren.  

          Professor Hendricks is the advisor to both Alexandra and Colin Murphy.  While both student have different areas of concern, they overlap enough that, to many, they seem to fight over the Professor and his attention equally as much as the veracity of their theses.  Both have been known to flirt with the man for greater attention, which leaves Ethan profoundly flustered.  He’s an old fashioned man in a new age, demonstrated by his penchant for bowties and tweed, wire-rimmed glasses and his ever-greying brown beard.  Dr. Ethan Hendricks linguistic skills are exceptional.


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