Evan Morgan

          Evan is a tall and somewhat gangly 17, standing at 6’2” and change.  He hit his growth spurt early, at least in height, and has been significantly taller than most of his classmates for several years now.  He’s terribly thin, and finds he has to eat five fairly large sized meals a day just to keep his weight.  A socially awkward pariah, Evan has taken to slinking through the high school halls in feeble attempts to remain unnoticed.  He tends to dress in neutral, dark tones—often blues, greys, and blacks.  This is at odds with the shocks of blue he sometimes highlights into his short-spiked black hair and his steel grey eyes, which are a rarity in San Keros.  He has three piercings in his right ear and considered other body piercings, but isn’t nearly so brave.  Indeed, he seems torn between yelling at the top of his lungs to be noticed and simply fading away.  His family is terribly supportive—literally.  Almost suffocating in their affection, they wield love and guilt in equal measure to force obedience on their only child.  Trapped by the passive-aggressive manipulation of his mother and his father, who come home angry and is gone before Evan wakes each morning, Evan feels more and more alone.

           Although various rumours abound about him, the most common amongst his peers is that he’s gay.  The truth is a tad more complex than that, and Evan is far from having worked through it himself.  Rather than have to dodge various cliques of jocks and elites that take joy in threatening or pummeling him these days, like Jim and Lara’s clique,  Evan prefers solitary activities such as meditation and advanced academics.  He’s not just a brain, though.  He’s got a makeshift gym in his parents’ basement to build the core muscles so crucial to a career in dance.

          Evan is socially comfortable nowhere, but he tend to hang out at Nehanu before his dance classes with Molly or in Mason’s shop.  Evan considers Mason his best friend, despite the age gap.  He spends more than his fair share of free time chatting with the bookseller as he searches for rare and obscure books. At Nehanu, Susan has told all her employees to treat him as one of the family.  Evan’s paying a portion of his studio tuition by working as a busboy at Café Olive.  The rest of the Café Olive crew tend to gather at Madeline’s after the Café closes, and Evan frequently finds himself tagging along desperate for something to say.  Sam, Max’s dog, seems especially fond of Evan.   Max sometimes has a hard time stopping him from running over and jumping on Evan as a form of hello.


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