The Green Man Bookshop

The oaken door that belies entry to the Green Man Bookshop Bronze is an antique one of Mason’s friends in the art program found and re-envisioned.  At the center of the door, that same friend called up one of his own buddies at the metallurgical sciences program over at Syracuse University and had them design and then install a copper door-knocker in the shape of a Green Man–which age has turned green.  As vertiform heads go, it is less menacing than some, but not entirely without foreboding.

          Upon entering, the first thing many notice is that store’s interior is entirely glazed hardwood, from the floors to the bookcases to the stairway that unfolded like a serif into a mezzanine that stretches farther back than the ground floor.  Before the stairwell stands a counter of the same immaculately shellacked wood, but in a darker tone.  At first glance, the Green Man looks more like a collegiate library than some upstart bookstore.

          There is always, of course, books everywhere—piled on top of bookcases against walls, perched precariously on freestanding runs that flow to the back of the shop, and sitting in brown paper bags on the cushioned window seat that looked out into the Warren.  More bookshelves are inset into the left wall all the way to the ceiling, and a rolling ladder rests in its track in the middle of the wall.  

          Mason Ceiba inherited the building from a friend upon their passing, and has promised to honor that gift with the bookstore’s continued success.  Young to be a business owner, his presence in the Warren during its revival has benefited him considerably.  Mason has been one of Jessye Corman’s biggest supporters since day one, working with her to make the Warren a neighborhood and not just a series of ramshackle streets.


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