Seth Reynolds (updated)

In the summer of 1991, 14-year-old Seth Reynolds is the same age as Ryan Farrell. He was friends with Hrothgar first, and was begrudingly allowed into Ryan’s social circle. Since then, they’ve all become quite close. Seth shares Ryan’s love of soccer and Gar’s love of electronic music, and imagines himself to someday being a world renowned DJ playing at the hippest clubs. He has a knack for computer science, especially coding simple video games. He nicknamed Hrothgar “Professor” in fourth grade, and it stuck.
Though Ryan Farrell is Gar’s best friend, Seth runs a close second.  He tends to be quiet but sarcastic, a perfect foil for Gar’s over-exuberance.  He also is usually the one that reins Hrothgar in when he goes too far.  Seth runs into Hrothgar at the library when he’s doing research on Kaithias, and the conversation doesn’t go particularly well.  Gar attempts to read the aura around Seth during the conversation, but with little result.  Seth, somehow intuiting this, leaves quickly.


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