Colin Murphy

          A shy, retiring type who most would say had retreated from the modern world into his research rather than face some unpleasant truths about himself, and those around him.  Colin’s dark, thin plastic-framed glasses frame an equally unremarkable face, with brown eyes and crowned with straight, center-parted brown hair.  He dresses mostly in sweaters and chords, heavy on layers of shirts or t-shirts underneath the sweaters. 

          He’s returning home from doctoral work in London, where he became close friends with both Addison James and Patrick, who worked tirelessly to force him out of his shell.  As a result, the Colin who’s returning home to San Keros University is not the same man who left.  That may create conflict with Alexandra, his fellow grad student under Dr. Kendrick’s purview at the university.  He’s good friends with Alexandra, but never forgets that she’s also his rival in a field with far too experts as it stands–and far too few of them women.


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