Kevin Dylan

Kevin Dylan is a relative newcomer to Nabiscoding, having moved into the area in the summer between his sophomore and junior year of High School.  That move placed him on the scene just as Hrothgar Jones and Ryan Farrell’s friendship imploded, and suddenly a whole clique of people were looking for friends that weren’t on either side of the conflict.  His first friends in town were Claire Tupper and Elena Gilbert, both friends of Beth Kendall.  By the time that summer was over, however, he’d found himself the confidante of Ryan, taking Gar’s place in the eyes of many.  At the start of the school year he briefly dated Lara Walker, until they fought at a party a few weeks later.  Since then, Lara has been a serious thorn in his side.  Kevin tried to stop the gym incident in the fall of 1993 when Ryan and Eddie turned on Gar and humiliated him in front of the school.

One of the best wrestlers at Nabiscoding high, Kevin’s spent several weeks in London with Sean Kennedy, one of his team mates.  Kevin joined the team due to the goading of Jim Hogan, his best friend.  Much more built than his buddy, Kevin’s been Jim’s best friend since elementary school, and had dodged his attempts to play sports with him for about as long.  Not as bright as Jim, Kevin’s frequently had to resort to being tutored by his friend to stay on the team—especially in math. 

Kevin’s facial hair (it grew in during 7th grade!) is cut in a tight goatee, and he clips his hair down almost to a marine cut every month or so.  He has soft brown eyes and a wicked grin, which he often unleashes to dazzling effect.  He’s very thickly built and quite hairy…and standing at 6’3” his nickname of “Beast” is at first glance all too appropriate.  Kevin’s manner is almost the opposite of his appearance, however, and the boy is terribly polite, especially amongst mixed company.  He isn’t as smooth as his bud, but he’s twice as earnest. Living on the edge of popularity, Kevin finds himself able to straddle all sorts of normal social boundaries.  As a result, he tends to have a varied (and large) circle of friends.

     Kevin ran into Max Colfort during an early run through Cargill Park and now they talk music often at Madeline’s.  Sam alternately loves Kevin or growls at his approach—which confuses Max to no end. 


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